Computer Engineering

The 4-year sample curricula and graduation check-off sheets are provided on this page as a convenience. The actual graduation requirements for any student are governed by the Undergraduate Catalog published in the year in which the student enrolls as an electrical or computer engineering student.

Every effort is made to ensure that the forms provided on this page are consistent with the corresponding undergraduate catalog. When in doubt, the undergraduate catalog is the authoritative source of information.

Computer Engineering Curriculum Sheets

If graduation requirements change while a student is active in the program, students may choose (at their option) to use the updated requirements. Students should work with their advisor to make sure that their file reflects the graduation requirements that they are using.

“4-year plans” are intended to reflect one possible means of meeting the graduation requirements within four years. Courses may be rearranged, as long as all graduation requirements are eventually met. The “Check-off” sheets provide a summary of all graduation requirements on a single form that can be maintained by students and their advisors.

Check-off Sheets with Traditional 4-Year Plans (by year of entry into the program)

Approved Technical Electives

Additional 4-year Plans (Double Major, Honors, etc.)

Flowcharts and Other Plans