Honors Program

Information on the University of Maine Honors College is available at https://honors.umaine.edu/.  Students enrolled in the Honors program must slightly rearrange the order in which they take courses, but can still comfortably complete their degrees in four years.  Typically, completing an Electrical or Computer engineering degree “with honors” requires only a few credit hours of additional course work.

Courses taken in the Honors program apply toward the Electrical or Computer Engineering degrees by satisfying the majority of the Human Values and Social Context (HV&SC) general education requirements.  By completing the Honors Program Civilizations Sequence (HON 111, 112, 211, 212) in addition to CMJ 103, all HV&SC requirements will be met.  Students who complete the Civilizations Sequence along with HON 170 & 180 are also not required to take CMJ 103.  Students who partially complete the Honors Program  Civilizations Sequence should consult the Honors College Website to learn which HV&SC requirements have been met.

In addition, students writing an Honors thesis (HON 498 and HON 499) are exempt from taking ECE 402 & ECE 403 (Electrical Engineers) or ECE 406 & ECE 403 (Computer Engineers).  Honors students do have to complete ECE 401 (Electrical Engineers) or ECE 405 (Computer Engineers).  The instructor for ECE 402, 406  & 403 will be responsible for assigning the letter grade of HON 498 & 499.  The thesis proposal form must be signed by the chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.