About Us

Thank you for expressing an interest in the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) program here at the University of Maine. The ECE program here offers you an education leading to a professional career in a dynamic field. Life on campus combines big school events with a hometown feeling.

Consider some of the things that make our program different:

  • Full-time professors teach the ECE courses. In many other schools, it is common to have many courses taught by graduate students or by part-time adjunct faculty.
  • At UMaine, engineering faculty have open-door policies. Many literally leave their doors open all day. Being available to help students is part of the job at UMaine, not a distraction to be avoided.
  • At UMaine many undergraduate students participate with faculty working on real engineering challenges. Engineering faculty balance their time between teaching and research. Research includes practical, industry-sponsored projects as well as more ground-breaking, cutting-edge projects.
  • While UMaine has just over 11,000 students, engineering classes are never large. In particular, junior and senior level courses, which focus on advanced material, seldom have more than 15 students in them.
  • ECE graduates from UMaine are sought after for careers in engineering as well as in diverse fields such as law, medicine, business, and education. A bachelor’s degree in engineering is a great career start!
  • The combination of dedicated professors, small classes, and low relative tuition  makes the value of a UMaine engineering degree difficult to beat.