First Year Microelectronics Scholarship Application Form

Application Deadline: March 15

This form is to be used by high school seniors applying for a First Year Microelectronics Scholarship. When you click the submit button on this form, an email copy of your application will be sent to the College of Engineering at UMaine. Your submitted information will then be displayed, along with a release that indicates your willingness to grant access to your academic records to the UMaine Microelectronics Consortium Committee. This committee consists of members of the UMaine faculty and representatives of the consortium companies. You must print out the completed form displayed to you, sign it, and send it to the address indicated. The deadline for submitting the electronic form is March 15 for the following Academic Year. The permission form must be received within a week of the electronic deadline.

Please fill in all data fields. Incomplete information may invalidate your application.