Dearborn Scholarship

The information below has been provided by the Dearborn Foundation.  The mechanical test required as a part of the application is coordinated by Sarah Kelly, in the Dean’s office.  The test and completed application must be postmarked by Feb 15, 2016.

The Foundation continues to seek the exceptional young men and women who are striving to become the scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs our country so desperately needs. We accept those students who are majoring in physics, robotics, bio-medical, chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering.

We ask that you be selective in the students you recommend to the Foundation, but also want to encourage you to have all your top students apply.

The Dearborn Foundation requires perhaps more time and effort during the application process on your part than other scholarship foundations, but it is important for you and the students to be aware that Dearborn Scholarships are generally in the amount of $5,000.00 for the school year. Also, if students maintain a 3.0 GPA, they are eligible to reapply the following year using a short renewal form.

Please do not hesitate to call Anne Moura, Program Director, if you have any questions regarding the scholarship process or if you want to discuss one of your students with us prior to them starting the application process.

Applications and renewal applications are available on our website: They must be downloaded before using a word program to fill out.  Applications and mechanical tests must be received or postmarked by February 15, 2016.
I ask that you encourage students to arrange to take the Bennett Mechanical Test sometime in November through December. January is a very busy month
with finals and vacations. After the Bennett Mechanical Test is completed, the student has until the February 15th deadline to complete the application process.