Direct Digital Synthesizer Design

My Direct Digital Synthesizer IC design has been created and submitted for fabrication on a 1.5mm x 1.5mm silicon chip. This project meets requirements of ECE547 VLSI Design / Layout class where I have performed my own CMOS transistor level design, simulation, partial custom chip layout, complete verification, and parasitic extraction.

Computer chip
Layout View of Direct Digital Synthesizer Chip

What is Direct Digital Synthesizer?

Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) produces an analog waveform – usually a sine wave – by generating a time-varying signal in digital form and then performing a digital-to-analog conversion. Because operations within a DDS are primarily digital, it can offer fast switching between output frequencies, fine frequency resolution and operation over a broad spectrum of frequencies.

DDS Signal Flow Diagram

Flow chart of chip

For details, see the full project report (PDF).