New Student FAQ

I have different letters granting different amounts of financial support.  Can you explain?

Students admitted into ECE may receive financial awards from a variety of sources.  The UMaine Admissions Department may notify you of an award using funds through the office of Student Financial Aid.  These awards are administered outside of the department and college.  Questions regarding these awards should be directed to Student Financial Aid.

Separate (additional) awards may be provided by the College of Engineering (indicated through a letter from the Dean of Engineering), and/or by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (indicated through a letter from the ECE Chair).  These awards are typically funded through the external support of industry or alumni.  Be sure to carefully read the source of your award, and if possible thank the donor.

How will my first semester class schedule be determined?

Enrollment for new first-year incoming students is handled by the Dean’s office as part of the admissions process.  They’ll work to get you into the classes that are appropriate for your major.  Please be patient as they work to accommodate all of the new students in the College of Engineering.  Many fall schedules are not finalized until August, and your schedule is likely to be rearranged as the fall semester approaches.  (Class rosters for large courses such as Calculus, Chemistry, or Physics cannot be finalized until after we receive notification of spring AP test results in mid-July.)

I’m a transfer student.  How should I select my classes?

Information on transferring into UMaine is available on the Undergraduate Admissions website.  Once your courses and test results have been transferred to UMaine, you’ll need to schedule an appointment with the ECE chair to review how those courses would apply toward your degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering.  (Call 581-2223, or use the Contact Us link on the web site.)  The Chair will help you select your first semester classes, and your enrollment will be handled by the ECE department.

 What else do I need to take care of before showing up in the fall?

Hopefully, the UMaine Office of Admissions has bombarded you with information.  Be sure to review the Admitted Students website, which includes a new student checklist.  If you have AP credits, you’ll need to request that the College Board send your scores to UMaine (we cannot make this request on your behalf).  Also, be sure to take the math placement test (unless you have a transfer or AP credit for a calculus course).  The math placement exam results will determine which math course you are eligible to enroll in.

 How do I reach my advisor?

ECE students are assigned an ECE faculty advisor upon admission to the department.  Most advisors don’t mind drop-in advisees, but you may need to schedule an appointment.  Advisor schedules vary widely over the summer months, and some faculty members are not on campus at all in-between terms.  You can reach your advisor via email using the  Contact Us link.  (If you have trouble, send a note to the ECE front-office, and they’ll help you find an available faculty member, or set up an appointment with the ECE chair.)