Thanks very much for visiting our web page.  Over the years, alumni have played a special role in shaping the Electrical and Computer Engineering department, and we always love to hear from them about where their education and career have taken them.  Please do take advantage of the “Contact Us” link on this page to communicate with us. Under normal circumstances, we would encourage alumni to drop in for a visit here in Orono, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic we must restrict on-campus visitors to comply with University guidelines set forth to keep our community safe. I have however, had several enjoyable Zoom meetings with alumni and continue to welcome this mode of communication which allows us to connect from a distance.

One good way to stay in contact with the department is to Join our LinkedIn Group.  You’ll receive periodic announcements keeping you informed about changes in Electrical and Computer Engineering here at UMaine, and become connected to a diverse community of faculty, alumni,  and employers with a common interest in our programs.

Whatever your relation to  our programs, we would greatly appreciate any feedback that you wish to provide through our Program Education Objectives survey.  By entering your comments here, your suggestions become  part of a database that is regularly reviewed as we consider programmatic changes.

Alumni make significant contributions to the department in a wide variety of ways.  Some serve as professional mentors for current or potential students  while others are able to provide financial support, which has become essential in maintaining the quality of our programs and allowing us to recruit and retain high quality students.  Over the years, alumni contributions have funded enumerable scholarships to students precisely when they need it the most.  If you are able to contribute, you can work directly through the development office, or you may wish to contact the department to explore options for contributing to an established scholarship fund.

Whether you’re able to provide time, advise or financial support, your interaction and continued involvement with the ECE department is greatly appreciated.  We’re extremely proud of our alumni, and we’d love to hear from you!

Kind regards and we look forward to connecting with you soon,

David J. Neivandt, Ph.D.,
Interim Department Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering


Do you recognize any of these folks in the slideshow below?

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