Computer Requirements and Recommendations

Prospective students and parents often inquire about computer or laptop recommendations for incoming students. Most new or recent desktops and laptops should be fine. Netbooks, tablets, ipads, and chromebooks may not be as useful as a true laptop. Recommendations are listed below for those wishing more detail.

Electrical and Computer Engineering students are required to have a laptop. Any new laptop is sufficient.  Netbooks, tablets, etc are generally not sufficient to run the required software.

Recommended operating system

Choose your poison.  Select an operating system that you’re comfortable using.  Recommendations include the latest versions of Linux, Mac OS X, or Windows.

Recommended software

  • A web browser of choice (such as FireFox or Google Chrome.)
  • An office suite including word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation applications.  Many students find that google docs provides all needed capabilities.  UMaine students can also download and install Microsoft Office on their personal computers: visit the University of Maine Information Technologies Software site.
    Office suites are often included in most Linux distributions.
    Free downloads are also available for Linux, MacOS, and Windows from