Fred Irons

Fred IronsFred Irons – Professor

Prof. Irons’ career at the University of Maine spanned the years 1967 -1977 and 1990 – 2000. He is the first recipient of the Roger and Virginia Castle Professorship. In the early 1960’s, as co-founder and general manager of Guillemin Networks, Inc., he supervised initial development of practical active filters for many developmental systems, such as: vocoders; seismic array receivers; off-shore drilling platform stabilizers; gated ranging radar circuits; and others. At MIT Lincoln Laboratory, in the late 1970’s, he supervised design and implementation of a jam resistant guidance and control system that required fast signal processing, calibration, and digital/analog circuitry. Since 1985 he concentrated on problems dealing with obtaining wide dynamic range for high speed ADCs. At UMaine, through the 1990’s, he teamed up with Prof. Donald Hummels to develop a state-of-the-art computer-controlled test facility to support research for ADCs and communication component technologies.

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