New Computer Engineering Minor Requirements

On Dec 6, 2013, the ECE faculty approved significant changes to the requirements to obtain a minor in Computer Engineering.  The changes are under review by the University UPCC.  Pending approval, current students at the University of Maine will have the option of using the new requirements, or (if they choose) using the minor requirements as published in the undergraduate catalog for the year in which they entered.  The new requirements will be enforced for students entering in Fall of 2014 or later.

The new requirements are listed below:



Minimum number of credits required to earn minor: 19

Minimum Cumulative GPA required to earn minor: 2.0

Minimum Grade requirements for courses to count toward minor: No grades below C-.

Other GPA requirements to earn minorNone.

Contact Information: Donald Hummels, Chair and Castle Professor, 101 Barrows Hall, 207-581 -2223,

PLEASE NOTE: This minor is not available to Electrical Engineering and/or Computer Engineering majors.

The Computer Engineering Minor is designed to provide engineering majors outside of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) and students from other disciplines an introduction to the wide-ranging content of the computer engineering major. The minor consists of 13 credit hours of required courses and a minimum of 6 credit hours of ECE elective courses.

Core Courses (13 credit hours)

  • ECE 177 – Introduction to Programming for Engineers Credits: 4
  • ECE 271 – Microcomputer Architecture and Applications Credits: 3
  • ECE 275 – Sequential Logic Systems Credits: 3
  • ECE 331 – Introduction to Unix Systems Administration Credits: 3

Examples of Optional Courses: (6 credit hours minimum)

Generally any Computer focused 300 or 400 level ECE course counts as an optional course.

  • ECE 417 – Introduction to Robotics Credits: 3
  • ECE 471 – Embedded Systems Credits: 3
  • ECE 473 – Computer Architecture and Organization Credits: 4
  • ECE 477 – Hardware Applications Using C Credits: 3
  • ECE 478 – Industrial Computer Control Credits: 3
  • ECE 486 – Digital Signal Processing Credits: 4
  • ECE 498 – Special Topics (Computer Focused) Credits: 3


For students majoring in Computer Science, ECE 177 can be replaced by COS 225 Introduction to Object Oriented Programming and Design (4 cr.), ECE 271 can be replaced by COS 335 Computer Organization and Architecture (4 cr.), and ECE 331 can be replaced by COS 431 Operating Systems (3 Cr.).