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Faculty and Staff - John Vetelino

John VetelinoJohn Vetelino – Professor
112 Barrows Hall
Fax: 207-581-4531


Dr. Vetelino is one of the founding members of the Laboratory for Surface Science and Technology (LASST). He received his PhD degree in EE from the University of Rhode Island in 1969 and then joined the EE faculty at the University of Maine. Dr. Vetelino served as the Acting Director of LASST in 1982 and 1983 and as the EE chairperson from 1983 to 1987. He has been very active in solid state, microwave acoustics and sensor research and has received over 95 different research contracts. Three small businesses, namely, Sensor Research and Development Corporation, BIODE Corporation and Microconversion Technology were incubated from his research group. He has presented many scientific papers both in the US and abroad and has authored or co-authored over 150 publications. He also consults with government laboratories and many industries and serves as a reviewer for several scientific journals and government funding agencies.

Dr. Vetelino is the Principal Investigator for the GK-12 Sensors Program and the NSF-REU program at the University of Maine.

Research Interests
Microsensors, Microacoustics, and Solid State

He received his PhD degree in EE from the University of Rhode Island in 1969.


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