ECE Curriculum, Class Entering 2012/13

All Electrical or Computer Engineering students entering the program in the 2012/13 academic year should adopt the program requirements published for the classes entering 2013/14.

Electrical Engineering:

Computer Engineering:



In fall of 2012, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering modified the required curriculum to reduce the total number of credit hours required for graduation.  The changes included the following:

  • The old 3-credit ECE-210 and 3-credit ECE-211 were combined into a single 4-credit class (ECE-210)
  • The Basic Science Elective (4 credits) was eliminated
  • Computer Engineers are required to complete ECE-314

Officially,  students entering the program in 2012/13 could legally choose to satisfy the published requirements in the 2012/13 University Catalog.  Since ECE-211 will not be offered, they will have to take the new ECE-210 and ECE-314.  They would also be required to complete an additional course in the Basic Science category. For those that feel the need to take an additional course, the check-lists that reflect the published 2012/13 catalog are supplied below: