Winchenbach and Driss

8 BIT ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit)

A project for ECE 547 “VLSI Design”
Fall Semester 2003
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Maine

Designed by
Samuel Winchenbach and Mohamed Driss

Computer chip

Digital design is an amazing and very abroad field. The applications of digital design are present in our daily life. Some of these applications are computers, calculators, video cameras, etc..

We built an 8 bit ALU that is formed combining 3 4-bit ALU’s and 5 multiplexers. We used the 74S181 (PDF) 4-bit ALU design, which was manufactured by Texas Instruments . Our ALU takes two 8-bits input buses and perform as many as 32 arithmetic functions and 16 logic functions. There are 4-function select buses to choose what operation to perform on the inputs to generate the outputs. Also, it has one function select between negative and positive logic as well as one carry input and one carry output.

The project report (PDF) contains a description of the project, details of the design and layout, as well as some simulation and test results.

May 2004

Computer chip