320MHz Digital Phase Locked Loop

A project for ECE 547 “VLSI Design”
Fall Semester 2004 at the
Electrical Engineering Dept. of the
University of Maine

Designed by
Patrick Spinney

Computer chip

DPLLs (Digital Phase Locked Loop) are commonly used in communications systems. As part of an investigation into RFID technology, a DPLL suitable for low-cost, low-power applications is designed and layed out out in a 0.5um CMOS process. It consists of a phase frequency detector, charge-pump filter, current-starved VCO, and a frequency divider. It is designed to operate using a reference signal between 10MHz and 46MHz producing an output signal between 80MHz and 368MHz (nominal inout of 40MHz yeilds an output frequency of 320MHz). The DPLL is part of a three chip RFID transceiver systems and generates additional signals (10MHz, 0.625MHz and lock enable) for use in the system.

The project report (PDF) contains a description of the project, details of the design, simulation results, and layout.

December 2004