Registration FAQ

 Q: I need to enroll.  What should I do?

Enrollment for new incoming students is handled by the Dean’s office as a part of the admissions process.  They’ll work to get you into the classes that are appropriate for your major.

If you’re already a student, it’ll be up to you and your advisor to make sure that you’re in the right courses, and to get enrolled on time while those courses are still available.  Here’s the routine that you’ll go through every semester:

  1. Make sure you know what courses you need to take.  Use the curriculum pages on this web site to download the appropriate check-list of graduation requirements.  Fill it out, and save it so it’s easy to update next semester.  Your advisor should be able to answer any questions you have, but you need to take responsibility to make sure that you’re on track and taking the correct courses for graduation.
  2. Once you know what courses you need next, fill out your wish list on MaineStreet.  You’ll also need to complete the MaineStreet “To Do” items before you’ll be allowed to enroll.
  3. Visit with your advisor to go over the above information. Depending upon your advisor and his/her schedule, you may need to set up an appointment.  Your advisor can use MaineStreet to validate your wish-list and/or provide you with a PIN to allow you to enroll.
  4. Complete your enrollment on MaineStreet.  If there are special circumstances (prerequisite exceptions, schedule conflicts, etc.), you may need to stop by the ECE office (Barrows 101) to get help from a staff member.

Q: What are the deadlines for dropping/adding a course?

Deadlines are published in the Academic Calendar of the Undergraduate Catalog.

Q: How do I add a course in the first week of the semester?

You should be able to add a course using MaineStreet or in person in the ECE office (Barrows 101).   If a seat is available, you meet the prerequisites, and there’s no time conflict, you don’t need a form or signature.

Q: I don’t satisfy a course prerequisites.  Can I still take the course?

Normally, no… but there are some exceptions.  At a minimum, you’ll need written permission from the instructor.  Fill out the course drop/add form from Student Record’s website, have the instructor and your advisor sign it, and bring it to the ECE office (Barrows 101).  In a few cases, exceptions are fairly routine, and can be processed immediately.  More complex cases will require approval of the ECE Chair or a formal written appeal to the ECE faculty.

If the course is in a department other than ECE, you’ll need to work through the department/college that offers the course.  (ECE will not override a prerequisite for non-ECE courses).

Q: I have the prerequisite, but MaineStreet won’t let me enroll.  What should I do?

Consult with a staff person in the ECE office (Barrows 101).

Q: How do I drop a course in the first two weeks of the semester?

You should be able to drop a course using MaineStreet or in person in the ECE Office (Barrows 101).   No form or signature is required, but please inform your advisor. (You should get a refund for the course.)

Q: How do I drop a course after the second week of the semester?

Fill out the course drop/add form off of Student Record’s website. Have  your advisor sign it, and bring it to the ECE office (Barrows 101).

Keep in mind that there’s no refund for courses dropped after the 10th day of classes in a semester.  Classes dropped in the first third of the semester do not appear on the transcript.  Classed dropped during the second third of the semester will show up on the transcript with a grade of “W” (which does not impact the GPA).  Classes dropped in the final third of the semester receive a failing grade. (Leave it to UMaine to divide the semester up like it’s a hockey game.)

Exact dates for these deadlines are published in the Academic Calendar of the Undergraduate Catalog.

Q: What happens if I drop below full time enrollment (12 credits)?

Dropping below full time enrollment can have serious repercussions, and may jeopardize financial aid (1-1324), veteran’s benefits (1-1316) or athletic eligibility status (1-1047).

Q: I have some extenuating circumstances (illness, injury, other) and need to drop a course. Can I apply for a refund or avoid an academic penalty?

It’s a good idea to keep the ECE office informed about what’s going on. We can work with your instructors and advisor. Ultimately, however, exceptions like this are handled in the College of Engineering Dean’s office (AMC 200).