Author: ckarlen

Vincent Weaver ‘demakes’ video games to teach about computer systems

Vincent Weaver, a University of Maine associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, has a quirky hobby: “de-making” video games, or reformatting classic games onto even simpler systems than the ones they were launched on as a programming challenge. Weaver has not only amassed an online fan base for his demakes — he has also […]

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Abedi wins Presidential Research Award

Abedi, an associate vice president for research and director of Center for Undergraduate Research, has a nearly 30-year career in research and teaching. He joined the UMaine community in 2005 and founded the WiSe-Net Lab, dedicated to research on wireless communications and sensor networks for structural monitoring, space exploration and biomedical applications. Student researchers in […]

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UMaine Cybersecurity Team places 3rd at national competition

After 7 months of intense preparation and passing the qualifier round in January, UMaine students have taken home the third place trophy for the Northeast Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition 2022 regional event. This year’s competition focused on the analytical and investigative skills required by a cybersecurity professional. UMaine’s team was started in 2009 by a […]

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