Lab Equipment Needs

Over the last two years, over 40% of the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department operational budget has come from contributions from our alumni. Your support has helped us develop two new laboratories, upgrade one of the most important facilities in the ECE Department, and give the gift of education to about 40 students each year through scholarships. The Alumni Support 2005 (PDF) file provides a complete list of alumni contributions and its impact on our department in the last couple of years.

One of our pressing needs is to maintain and replace equipment that the students use in our undergraduate laboratories. You can help by contributing to the cost of maintaining existing equipment and/or purchasing new or replacement equipment.

Specific equipment needs include:

Computer Engineering Hardware Lab

  • Agilent Digital Multimeter [2 @ $3,500 each]

Robotics Lab

  • Teaching Robot Arm [8 @ $10,000 each]

Electronics Lab

  • 1 GHz Oscilloscope (Agilent MS08104A Infiniium or similar) [$23,045]

Undergraduate Nanotechnology Laboratory

  • Dry pumps (any size)
  • Exhausted wetbench (4-6 ft)
  • HP semiconductor parametric analyzer, or similar
  • C-V measurement system
  • STM or AFM (instructional)
  • Probe station with magnetic base / probes
  • Microscopes
  • Ellipsometer or Nanospec
  • Four point probe

Microwave and Wireless Laboratory

  • ENA Series Network Analyzer 300KHz to 8.5GHz, Time domain, and Power range option
  • E4404B ESA-E 9kHz-6.7GJ=Hz Spectrum Analyzer, B75 bundle: Narrow band resolution, Internal pre-amplifier, High Stability Time base
  • E4422B Synthesized Signal Generator 4GHz
  • 53131A 225 MHz Universal Counter, 53131A-124 Add 12.4 GHz Channel 3 (Nconnector)
  • E4418B Single Channel EPM series Power Meter, 8481H Power Sensor 10MHz to 18GHz, -10 to +35 dBm, 4412A CW Power Sensor 10MHz to18 GHz,-70 +20dBm
  • 54833A 2-ch Infiniium Oscilloscope, 54833A-001 Provides two 1165A Probes
  • 4284A Precision LCR Meter 20Hz to 1MHz, 16047D Test fixture for axial and radial leaded compon., 16047D Add short plate, 16034E SMD test fixture
  • DC Bias and CAD, 34401 Digital Multimeter 6.5 digit, E3649A DC Power Supply, dual output: 0-35V/1.4 A, 0-60V/0.8A, 100W, Agilent ADS 2003A Commercial software +Year Update